Why We Should Be Blocking Blue Light From Our Eyes

Have you ever set at your computer and wondered what effect the screen has on the health of your eyes? Have you ever thought about what the screen could be doing to your eyes? Research now shows that certain light from the screen has the potential to harm our eyes. Spending a couple hours on the computer won’t cause damage. But if your work or study before a computer on a regular, routine basis you may want to consider some precautionary measures to save your eyes from harmful effects of the screen.

Computer vision syndrome is an eye problem that typically results from watching the screen too much. This syndrome does not affect the eyes in only one way. Instead, there are many signs and symptoms that a person may have computer vision syndrome. Pain and eye strain are one of the first signs that echo that a person may have computer vision syndrome. A large majority of people, over fifty percent, who are on a computer for extended amount of times have these symptoms. Computer vision syndrome does not only affect working adults. There have been cases of this syndrome in children who use tablets or smartphones for long periods of time. Lightening and body posture play a role in how your eyes receive lighting from the screen, which has an influence on getting this syndrome.

You may be wondering how does light from a computer affect your eyes? When your eyes continue to follow the same path routinely your eyes create a similar movement. This is similar to when the hands and wrists are continuing the same movement, and someone gets carpal tunnel syndrome. When you are working on the computer for a long amount of time, this same process begins to happen to the eyes. Your eyes continually move every time you read. Your eyes react to a difference in lighting and changing images. This puts a lot of pressure on your muscles and your eyes. Flicker and glare from the screen does not help any at all.

What is blue light? There are many different types of light. Typically, blue light is emitted from a computer screen. During the day, blue wavelengths are received and offer good qualities. They help with keeping one’s attention and they help us to have healthy reaction times. Technology devices are increasing our exposure to this blue light. Excessive amounts of blue light can affect our eyes’ health, sleep and attentiveness. Blue light blocking glassesare one of the best ways to protect our eyes from blue light.

These glasses became popular in the 1980s. Now, they are reemerging since research has proven how damaging excess amounts of blue lights can be on our eyes. Wearing a pair of these glasses will pay off. These glasses can help protect the retina in your eyes. These glasses help with proteins in our bodies. Ultimately, they protect our eyes when using the computer. Having a diet rich in antioxidants can help with blue light overexposure.

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