Why a mattress protector is necessary when you buy a new bed?

Planning on buying a new set of bed the first thing that a sales consultant do is offer you a mattress protector. And most customers are declining because they don’t want additional costs. But the thing is the mattress protector is necessary whenever you’re planning to buy a bed. And you’re thinking what will be the reason why you have to buy one as you’re going to buy new. There are reasons why it helps you when you use a mattress protector.

Keep it clean

The mattress protectors are the same as the fitted sheets. You can remove it that easily and wash it. The mattress protectors are waterproof. And you don’t have to worry about when your kids are spilling juice, milk, or food in the mattress. It will consume by your mattress and avoids having stains and smell. Accidents do happen sometimes and you can wipe it, remove and wash it.

Keep it hypoallergenic

During the nighttime, everyone sweats, disregard dead skin cells and make oil from your skin. Everything of these is being absorbed by your mattress which makes it hard to clean. There is a study that shows that a mattress can hold 4.5kg of dead skin cells. It can also absorb 160L of sweat and other fluids in 8 years’ time. It might sound disgusting but the protector will lessen it. And it will make your mattress hypoallergenic for years.

Lessens your allergies

Microscopic organisms such as dust mites that feed on dead skin cells can be absorbed by your mattress. These can cause allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and hard breathing. When you use a mattress protector and it lessens the dead skin cells which are absorbed by your mattress. It also lessens the number of dust mites living in your mattress. They cannot reproduce or live because they don’t have enough food sources. When you are having allergies while you sleep using a mattress protector can remove them. You can buy mattress toppers online.

Covers your warranty

The mattress warranties will be invalid when they see stains on your mattress. It will be useless when you buy a new mattress and it has 10 years warranty when it is already invalid for a few years. It is better that you protect your investment when you use a mattress protector. When you’re suffering from allergies you can use a mattress protector.

A lot of people take advantage of how great a mattress protector is. They only thought that it is just an additional cost when you buy it. When you’re not using a mattress protector you will be urged to buy a new one which can be expensive. It is better that you use a mattress protector as it works as a protective casing to your phone.

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