Best tips for purchasing the most perfect wedding present

Every time you get invited to a wedding, you face the haunting question for what to get for the present for the couple? You have to think for the options, check your budget, decide for the perfect place to shop from and all goes in vain if your gift is returned or if the couple does not find your gift to be useful at all.

On the other hand, knowing what is the best way for buying the most perfect wedding present for the newly married couple, you can purchase the best and most memorable presents and gift hampers for every wedding and party that you attend in the future.

So here is our list of tips, that would for sure help you learn how to buy the most perfect wedding present for the couple.

  1. The bed, bath and kitchen gifts are always loved

Giving something personal or customized to the couple for their bedroom can be a great idea, but this is possible only when you are close enough to them and know about their likes and dislikes. On the other hand, if you are not too close to the couple, you can choose some highly practical yet comforting items for the bedroom that can give them some really good memories as well. try choosing a good bedlinen for an example. The bathroom accessories are also an amazing gift that you can give to the couple, like a set of thread-count towels or some spa accessories for the bathing experience. Also, some cookware, electronics or some really good cookbooks can be a very thoughtful way of giving a practical and loved wedding present to the new couple.

  1. Know how much you need to spend on the present

Depending upon your relationship and friendship with the couple, you will be expected to bring a good present. No matter how far off friends they are, you need to buy a good present as these presents are not given on the competition basis, you love and affection for the couple could be seen in the present. However, you should take care and follow the following rules for spending on the gifts for the couple.

  • If it is a Coworker or a distant family friend and relative go for $50-$75
  • For Relative or friend go for $75-$100
  • For the Close relative or close friend do not hesitate to spend $100-$150
  • For the Urbanite it would be good to spend $150-200+
  1. Never hesitate in group gifts

Buying something really big can be problematic for a single person, but if you are a group of friends or family members, you can all talk to each other, contribute in the present and purchase something really special for the couple and that would absolutely be loved by the newly wedded. And who knows, it could be their lifelong dream coming true with the shared present from their loved ones.

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